GENEO Capital Entrepreneur becomes the new reference shareholder of the Zurflüh-Feller Group

Paris, June 21, 2022 - The Zurflüh-Feller Group, the French leader and a major player in Europe in the manufacture of components for roller shutters, is leaving the fold of the industrial holding company Edify to welcome a pool of evergreen investors led by GENEO Capital Entrepreneur alongside the management team headed by Thierry Jeanmart. This transaction is part of a long-term positive impact investment approach.

GENEO Capital Entrepreneur supports the development of Neftys Pharma alongside UI Investissement and Crédit Agricole Centre France to accelerate the consolidation of the European market for the distribution of veterinary products

GENEO Capital Entrepreneur, UI Investissement and Crédit Agricole Centre France are joining forces to support the very strong development of Neftys Pharma. This investment marks the opening of a new phase in the group's growth by giving it the means to lead the consolidation of the European market.

GENEO Capital Entrepreneur supports the growth and CSR strategy of the Odigo group via Relance Bonds

GENEO Capital Entrepreneur announces the setting up of Relance Bonds, within the framework of the programme subscribed by insurers and partially guaranteed by the State.
Odigo is an international player in the publishing of Contact Center as-a-Service (CCaS) cloud software solutions that manage conversations between consumers/citizens and brands. Thanks to this long-term financing, Odigo intends to continue deploying its growth strategy, while strengthening its employer brand and human capital.

GENEO launches a quasi-equity fund to help small and medium-sized companies transform themselves to prepare for tomorrow's world

The GENEO Mezzanine positive impact fund is designed to finance small and medium-sized companies in the form of quasi-equity (mezzanine). Unique in its approach, this fund aims not only to finance the growth of companies, but also to support them intensively in their innovation programme for positive impact, through a tailor-made coaching programme and significant financial incentives.

GENEO publishes its first impact report

This first impact report is an opportunity for GENEO to present its unique approach to positive impact as an investor. Rationale, commitments, organisation, support for invested companies, investment process and endowment funds: find out how we operate and what progress we have made in this area in 2021.

PINETTE PEI continues its growth dynamic with the acquisition of the Italian GADE S.R.L

Milan, May 05, 2022 - Through this strategic acquisition, PINETTE PEI is establishing itself as a leading European industrial player in the field of innovative sheet metal bending and cutting machines. This Franco-Italian partnership enables the two entities, which share a common DNA, to meet their customers' needs as closely as possible and to increase their positive environmental impact.

Activity report 2021

We are pleased to present our GENEO 2021 Report.

Despite economic and health uncertainties, the differentiating attributes of Entrepreneurial Capital, which masters time, provides human capital and an entrepreneurial ecosystem, allow us to move forward with an offensive and opportunistic mindset.

GENEO is recruiting a Positive Impact Officer

To demonstrate the value it places on its stakeholders, GENEO Partners organises their consultation and sets up a Stakeholder Committee. Its main mission is to make recommendations on the implementation of GENEO's raison d'être and to issue opinions on the main indicators measuring its impact.