GENEO Capital Entrepreneur supports the transfer of Leader Group

Leader Group, a major international player in technological fire-fighting and rescue equipment, is supported by GENEO Capital Entrepreneur in an LMBO advised by the Mazars M&A team.


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GENEO Capital Entrepreneur supports the transfer of Leader Group

Leader Group, a major international player in technological fire-fighting and rescue equipment, is supported by GENEO Capital Entrepreneur in an LMBO advised by the Mazars M&A team.

The team is growing!

With 25 years of experience in SME and ETI financing, Mathilde Paoli joins GENEO Partenaires

Convictions RH x GENEO Capital Entrepreneur, 1 year already!

Since the creation of ConvictionsRH, the 180 employees and the 5 founding partners of the Group

Newsletter May 2021

Find the 11th GENEO Newsletter with news: Our new activity report, a new participation and the expansion of the team

Activity report 2020

The crisis we are experiencing is probably one of the most serious that living generations have known. Social before economic, it invites us to take a step back on the structure of our economy and the models that we want to promote within our society: our health and social cohesion systems, our modes of nutrition, our places and ways of life, but also the business models and directions of growth tomorrow. To bounce back, we will have to reconcile resilience, pugnacity and a spirit of conquest.

GENEO Capital Entrepreneur and UI Investissement support the capital increase of the GBNA Group

The GBNA Group of private clinics calls on GENEO and UI to implement its investment programme and intensify its geographical development in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region

Human & Work and GENEO, 2 years already!

On 25 March 2019, Human & Work welcomed GENEO Capital Entrepreneur to its capital, alongside 24 managers of the company. The objective is clear: to build a leading European consulting group in the field of human resources at work, based on a platform of unique expertise such as psychological health at work, gender equality and outplacement.

The Piscines Magiline group is reorganising its capital around its manager, with the support of GENEO Capital Entrepreneur and Bpifrance.

The Piscines Magiline group is reorganizing its capital around its manager, Mr. Hervé Ricard, who becomes the majority shareholder, the members of its management committee, the investment company GENEO Capital Entrepreneur, a new entrant, and Bpifrance, already a shareholder since 2016.

OTEGO, the world leader in technical textiles, has set its sights on 2021.

One year after the investment of GENEO Capital Entrepreneur, Dickson PTL, now OTEGO, has completed its independence.

GENEO Capital Entrepreneur invests in Delta Service Location, alongside two evergreeninvestors

Founded in 1980 by Michel Denis, Delta Service Location (DSL) is a pioneer in the rental of pumping equipment and generators for the construction, energy and industrial maintenance sectors.

The BBL Group associates GENEO, which provides it with long-term resources to finance its growth.

On Thursday 8 October 2020, BBL Invest, the holding company of BBL Group, signed a capital agreement with the investment company GENEO Capital Entrepreneur. This operation for a total amount of 15 Million Euros strengthens the BBL Group's equity capital and provides it with long-term resources to finance its growth.

Hoppen continues its growth and acquires Cinéolia
Appointment of Arnaud Lagraulet

Arnaud has the dual mission, on the one hand, to organize the support functions within a general secretariat, and on the other hand, to take the lead in investor relations and to animate the GENEO Community.

Newsletter June 2020

Find the 5th GENEO Newsletter with the news: 200 million euros of surveys, the adoption of a raison d'être, a new participation, and the expansion of the team

A 7th participation for GENEO: Convictions RH

ConvictionsRH announces the capital increase of 10 new Partners as well as a new institutional investor, GENEO Capital Entrepreneur. Sustained growth for a consulting firm that focuses on human capital

200 million euros and a reason for being: GENEO has one year

"We will strengthen our governance by setting up a 'Stakeholder Committee', which will be the guardian of our commitments to positive finance

THE LESSONS OF A BATTLE FIGHTER " Stay in shape and play as a team to accompany the revival "

An emblematic figure of entrepreneurship, Fanny Letier embarked on her own adventure in 2019 by creating the investment company Geneo alongside François Rivolier, with the support of 70 entrepreneurial families. Fanny Letier, who was Secretary General of the Interministerial Committee for Industrial Restructuring (Ciri) at the age of 29, was succeeded by Christine Lagarde, Arnaud Montebourg's former deputy chief of staff at Bercy, and spent five years as Bpifrance's number two.

Deconfinement: making sense of the recovery

For François Rivolier and Fanny Letier, co-founders of Geneo Capital Entrepreneur, the ability of companies to bounce back will be intimately linked to the definition of their raison d'être.

Tomorrow's work: a new deal?
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Appointment of Marie KIRCH

GENEO Capital Entrepreneur is once again expanding its team and welcomes Marie Kirch as Investment Manager.

Activity report 2019

Discover the 2019 annual report

The merger of Stimulus and Psya gives birth to the European leader in psychological health at work.

The Human & Work Group announces the acquisition of Psya, the pioneer in psychological and social support.

Newsletter April 2020

Find out more about GENEO's new investments and get news about our holdings!

Private equity and CSR: from responsible investment to positive impact

The positive impact also means providing concrete support to the companies invested and helping them to implement their ideas.

Thierry MOSA and his team join forces with GENEO, Eximium and Bpifrance to take over the company Dickson PTL

Dickson PTL is a global specialist in the manufacture of technical fabrics for industrial markets.

GENEO alongside the KARDHAM group

The KARDHAM Group, the leading independent and integrated French player in the professional real estate sector, announces the acquisition of GENEO Capital Entrepreneur.

SGCP and GENEO Capital Entrepreneur take a stake in Valtus' share capital

Valtus, the French and European leader in premium interim management, welcomes GENEO Capital Entrepreneur to its capital

Newsletter December 2019

Discover our 3rd participation, the new members of the team and especially the Community platform

GENEO participates in the HOPPEN adventure

The aim of this strategic alliance is to support hospitals and clinics in their digital transformation.

Newsletter September 2019

Find our 2nd investment. Take news of Human-Work. Meet GENEO in the Region

GENEO Capital Entrepreneur supports PINETTE P.E.I.

The PINETTE P.E.I. Group is the world leader in composite material parts forming equipment.

Against the dictatorship of the economic situation, finance must help SMEs to get through the cycles

Finance must help companies through these cycles to ensure their sustainability and sustainable growth.

Deciding, you learn

No, it is not innate. To know how to decide is a talent that is cultivated, even a skill perfectible, according to two specialists who have just released a book on the subject.

Geneo Capital Entrepreneur defends the virtues of evergreen

The SCR created by Fanny Letier and François Rivolier has 100 million euros, gathered with some fifty entrepreneurs or family investors.

Equity is the condition for sustainable growth

Co-founder of Geneo Capital Entrepreneur, Fanny LETIER defends the idea of a fair sharing of wealth.

Fanny Letier arms SMEs for jobs battle

The former number two of Bpifrance is self-employed to invest in small and medium-sized enterprises over the long term and help them "double in size".

Newsletter April 2019

GENEO is launched, find out what the Growth Book is and above all which is geneO's first participation

Michel Lamboley is appointed Chairman of the strategic Committee of GENEO capital entrepreneur
Michel Lamboley is appointed Chairman of the strategic Committee of GENEO capital entrepreneur

Fanny LETIER and François RIVOLIER are pleased to announce the appointment...

Davide Mahé, in the foreground on the left, founder of the group human & work project.
1st investment for GENEO

GENEO invests in the human & work project group created in 2016 by entrepreneur David Mahé.

50 families and entrepreneurs combine to create GENEO capital entrepreneur

A new form of investment capital for SMEs and ETI

Delphine Jarnier appointed to GENEO
Appointment of Delphine JARNIER as Associate Director

Delphine JARNIER joins Fanny LETIER and François RIVOLIER as associate director...

Release of the book "How to double the size of your business?" Growth book for SMEs and ETI

A book that aims to "awaken growth in the fabric of SMEs in France".

Advocacy for Long-Term Builders

To remain itself (...), France certainly needs growth. But it needs long-term growth

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