GENEO from
Dickson PTL

GENEO together with Eximium and BPIFrance join forces with Thierry Mosa
and his team in the takeover of Dickson PTL.
world specialist in the manufacture of technical fabrics
to industry.


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Activity report 2019

Discover the 2019 annual report

The merger of Stimulus and Psya gives birth to the European leader in psychological health at work.

Paris, Wednesday, April 29, 2020 The Human & Work Group announces the acquisition of Psya, the pioneer in psychological and social support. This operation, which has been planned for a long time, brings together Stimulus and Psya, the two historical reference players in the field of psychological health in the workplace. Stimulus thus becomes...

Private equity and CSR: from responsible investment to positive impact

Private equity players are entering, for good, a new phase of maturity with regard to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria. Aware of their impact on the economy and of society's expectations of investors in the real economy, they have in recent years multiplied their reflections and ideas....

Thierry MOSA and his team join forces with GENEO, Eximium and Bpifrance to take over the company Dickson PTL

Thierry MOSA and his team are joining forces with GENEO, Eximium and Bpifrance to take over Dickson PTL from the DICKSON / GLEN RAVEN USA group Dickson PTL is a global specialist in the manufacture of technical fabrics for the rubber industry, men's heat protection and protection against the effects of cold...

GENEO alongside the KARDHAM group

KARDHAM Group reorganizes its capital and brings in GENEO, alongside Bpifrance Paris, February 11, 2020 - KARDHAM Group, the leading independent and integrated French player in professional real estate, announces the entry of GENEO Capital Entrepreneur into its capital. On this occasion, Amundi Private Equity, which acquired a stake in the Group's capital in 2016 at the...

SGCP and GENEO Capital Entrepreneur take a stake in Valtus' share capital

Société Générale Capital Partenaires and GENEO Capital Entrepreneur acquire a stake in Valtus, the European leader in premium interim management Press release Paris, February 11, 2020 Valtus, the French and European leader in premium interim management, welcomes Société Générale Capital Partenaires and GENEO Capital Entrepreneur, two companies with a combined capital of...

GENEO participates in the HOPPEN adventure

The aim of this strategic alliance is to support hospitals and clinics in their digital transformation.

GENEO Capital Entrepreneur supports PINETTE P.E.I.

The PINETTE P.E.I. Group is the world leader in composite material parts forming equipment.

Against the dictatorship of the economic situation, finance must help SMEs to get through the cycles

Finance must help companies through these cycles to ensure their sustainability and sustainable growth.

Deciding, you learn

No, it is not innate. To know how to decide is a talent that is cultivated, even a skill perfectible, according to two specialists who have just released a book on the subject.

Geneo Capital Entrepreneur defends the virtues of evergreen

The SCR created by Fanny Letier and François Rivolier has 100 million euros, gathered with some fifty entrepreneurs or family investors.

Equity is the condition for sustainable growth

Co-founder of Geneo Capital Entrepreneur, Fanny LETIER defends the idea of a fair sharing of wealth.

Fanny Letier arms SMEs for jobs battle

The former number two of Bpifrance is self-employed to invest in small and medium-sized enterprises over the long term and help them "double in size".

Michel Lamboley is appointed Chairman of the strategic Committee of GENEO capital entrepreneur

Fanny LETIER and François RIVOLIER are pleased to announce the appointment...

1st investment for GENEO

GENEO invests in the human & work project group created in 2016 by entrepreneur David Mahé.

50 families and entrepreneurs combine to create GENEO capital entrepreneur

A new form of investment capital for SMEs and ETI

Appointment of Delphine JARNIER as Associate Director

Delphine JARNIER joins Fanny LETIER and François RIVOLIER as associate director...

Release of the book "How to double the size of your business?" Growth book for SMEs and ETI

A book that aims to "awaken growth in the fabric of SMEs in France".

Advocacy for Long-Term Builders

To remain itself (...), France certainly needs growth. But it needs long-term growth

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