Promotions within GENEO Capital Entrepreneur, Louis Charrier and Marie Kirch as Director and Investment Manager


Paris, February 12, 2024.

GENEO Capital Entrepreneur, a long-term investment company dedicated to growth-oriented SMEs and mid-sized companies, today announced internal promotions within its investment team, with the mission of continuing to accelerate positive finance that reconciles performance and meaning.

Involved in the GENEO project from its launch in 2018, Louis continues his path of excellence which has seen him progress from intern to investment officer and now investment director, just recognition of his outstanding work alongside the entrepreneurs of the GENEO Community in achieving their goals.

Louis has worked on a wide range of transactions in a variety of sectors, including B2B and B2C services, healthcare and logistics. He also took part in numerous build-up operations in France and Europe for the companies he worked with. Louis is a graduate of IESEG.

After a spell at EY, Marie joined GENEO in March 2020 to put her expertise at the service of SME/ETI managers. Now responsible for the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region for GENEO, she works, among other things, to accelerate the development of start-ups in this region.

Over the past 4 years, Marie has been involved in investments in industry, engineering, real estate consulting and e-commerce, as well as assisting her investee companies with acquisitions in France, Germany and Spain. Marie is a graduate of EM Lyon.

Fanny Letier and François Rivolier, founders of GENEO Capital Entrepreneur state: " We are delighted to announce the promotion of Louis Charrier and Marie Kirch, two members of our investment team, to Director and Investment Director. Marie, since joining in 2020, and Louis, present since GENEO's creation in 2019, have both demonstrated unwavering commitment and a significant contribution to GENEO's success. These promotions reflect our commitment to fostering the development and potential of our talents ."

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About GENEO Capital Entrepreneur 

GENEO Capital Entrepreneur's raison d'être is to provide the real economy with positive finance that reconciles performance and meaning.

Designed to unlock the value-creation, job-creation and impact potential of SMEs, GENEO Capital Entrepreneur has over €550 million under management. In particular, it manages :

GENEO Capital is an evergreen investment company with a 99-year lifespan, majority-owned by families and entrepreneurs. GENEO provides tailor-made capital that adapts to the pace of each company, bringing responsiveness and flexibility. Its resources increase regularly as GENEO and the companies it invests grow.

The GENEO Mezzanine fund: a positive-impact mezzanine fund for ETIs and large SMEs, with a team specialized in impact transformation. This fund makes it possible to provide genuine quasi-equity (not counted in debt ratios) without opening up companies' capital, and to support them in their development and impact disruption while offering significant financial incentives.

As a business partner, GENEO mobilizes its teams and specialized business partners (external growth, positive impact, digital and innovation) to support the execution of structuring, growth and transformation projects. It also boasts a platform of over 70 independent experts and a community of nearly 200 families and entrepreneurs, offering a unique opportunity to share experiences and build a business network unmatched in France. The terms and conditions of this operational support are tailored to the specific needs of each company and formalized jointly by the GENEO team, the management team and the company's other shareholders in a "Carnet de croissance".

Passionate about those who make, create and want to move the lines, the only ambition of the GENEO team is to bring the ambition of each entrepreneur to the top.

At GENEO, when we invest, we invest!

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