Growth book

GENEO provides SMEs and SMBs with financial capital, human capital
and personalised support built in conjunction with the management team.

The method

GENEO helps companies organise themselves to accelerate and make their business plans more reliable and to strengthen their agility and performance in order to aim for sustainable growth.


The Growth Log is a discussion support for :
Identify together the priority topicson which management would like GENEO's support
Build together a action plan operational, specifying the relevant timetable and the resources to be mobilised
Identify and involve community membersthe most relevant GENEO experts and shareholders.

Which steps?

Before the investment, GENEO and the manager jointly decide on an operational and prioritized action plan.
The manager validates the Growth Booklet, a real tool for monitoring the progress of the action plan. It is a living document that adapts to the latest business news
GENEO and the manager select the relevant experts.
GENEO and the company ensure that results are measured.

What happens then ?

The Growth Logis a living document that adapts to the company's current situation.
Its progress will be discussed regularly, in accordance with corporate governance.
The company is solely responsible for its implementation and ensures that the measuring results.


At each stage of its development, a company faces new challenges and does not always have all the internal resources to activate and execute the levers for growth, performance and transformation. This is why GENEO has set up a platform of experts to respond to the most frequent needs of growing SMEs/ETIs and has designed self-diagnostics that can facilitate the construction of Growth Logs.

The GENEO expert platform

The GENEO expert platform is composed of more than 140 independent experts GENEO's team of experts is composed of more than 30 experts on 12 major issues for the growth, performance and transformation of companies. They bring their expertise on specific topics to write the Growth booklet and facilitate the execution of the strategy decided by the management. The GENEO expert platform is accessible to companies supported by GENEO and to the GENEO Community.

Search for GENEO expertise

GENEO's expertise is the experience of our fabulous entrepreneurial shareholders and the know-how of 140 SME/ETIexperts referred by our teams.

This search engine will give you an idea of the topics covered by GENEO around 12 major themes:

Strategy and hindsight
Business performance
Innovation acceleration
External growth
International development
Knowing how to surround yourself
Human capital
Operational performance
Risk management
Information systems
Financial performance

The GENEO expert platform is accessible to companies supported by GENEO and to the GENEO community.


 Like a top-level athlete, a company director needs lucidity and energy to transform the trial.
GENEO's self-diagnostics are tools made available to managers to help them identify priority areas of work and build the basis of their Growth Log.
Use them! For example, they can be used as a basis for a discussion on the subject within the management committee.


Click on the self-diagnosis you want to perform:

Are you ready for external growth?
Are you ready for capital opening?

All your results are recorded.

If you wish, you can also request the export or deletion of this data by sending us an email to

The book

The strategic, operational and human support provided by GENEO to the companies invested focuses on the main challenges of growth, performance and transformation of SMEs and ETIs. These issues are presented in Fanny LETIER's book "How to double the size of your company. Growth booklet for SMEs and ETIs" (published by Eyrolles in October 2018), a real practical action-oriented guide for all SME and ETI managers driven by a desire for growth.
The book helps them to take the necessary perspective to project themselves into the future, to make decisions, to organize themselves for the activation of growth levers and to set up an ecosystem that is stimulating and useful for operational implementation.