Otego, world leader in technical textiles, launches its marketplace to rethink industrial protection


Paris, October 24, 2023

Otego, world leader in technical textiles, revolutionizes the way protection professionals sell their products with the launch of its own marketplace, Oteplace. Otego's new initiative is positioned at the heart of major industrial sectors such as metallurgy, foundry, construction, logistics and many others. This ground-breaking online platform has been meticulously designed to meet the pressing needs of these industries, focused on the safety and protection of workers worldwide.

It offers much more than just a place to meet people: Oteplace is a truly global B2B sales and purchasing platform. It enables SMEs in the industrial protection sector to connect and do business on a global scale by offering their innovative products on a single site, directly between manufacturers and decision-makers.

Faced with a series of complex challenges related to the safety of employees in the workplace, the primary mission ofOteplace s primary mission is unequivocal: to improve the safety of workers in their working environments. These challenges include protection against thermal hazards, falls, hazardous chemicals and other perils that can threaten their physical integrity.

Faced with this crucial reality, Oteplace offers bold solutions. These are advanced protection products, specially designed to evolve in line with the hazards to which employees are exposed. These innovative solutions are often little-known, but they deserve to be widely publicized. There is a strong commitment to raising awareness of these new products, these technological advances that can truly redefine workplace safety standards.

Thierry Mosa, CEO of Otego, expresses this vision with conviction: " Oteplace embodies our mission to protect men and women, through industrial protection that is not only effective, but also ethical and global. It's an opportunity for these manufacturers, companies of passionate people, to connect with the world and contribute to a positive transformation of our industry. Oteplace is the tool that makes this connection possible."

Oteplace, expertise in industrial safety for people

Oteplace is more than just an online sales platform. It is a business community that encourages exchange, cooperation and innovation between industrial protection professionals from all over the world. This commitment is based on the promotion of quality, standardized and certified products, guaranteeing buyers access to a diversified offering tailored to their specific needs. TheOteplace team team helps SMEs in the sector to grow, particularly through international sales. On the platform, sellers can easily choose the export zones, product types and pricing strategies best suited to their business needs and objectives. Attentive to merchants' needs, the marketplace offers tools and personalized support, enabling them to raise their profile and ultimately increase their sales by making the most of this community of industrial protection experts. Otego's support doesn't stop there, however. Indeed, thanks to CSR assessments and scores displayed on the platform, merchants will be able to identify their points for improvement and adjust their practices to optimize their energy performance and attractiveness to buyers.

Oteplace appears to be a real revolution in industrial safety, with technological advances turning worker safety from a mere necessity into a tangible reality. The SMEs present on the marketplace are players in this transformation. Together, they are working towards a future where every employee feels safe and protected in his or her working environment.

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About Otego about Otego :

Based in Lyon, France, Otego is the world leader in technical textiles and flexible composites. Founded in 1948, Otego is now owned by its managers with the help of its financial partners: GENEO, Eximium and Bpifrance. The company focuses on protecting people with a capital H in a variety of sectors, including the automotive and aeronautical industries. Otego's products protect against heat, but also more generally in industrial settings, when handling machines and equipment.

With the launch ofOteplace, its marketplace dedicated to industry professionals, the company is taking a major step forward in its quest to establish a safer, more responsible future for the sector.

More recently, Otego has taken on the mission of protecting not only people, but also works of art, with its Fireguard fire, heat, water and smoke-proof covers.
Its high-quality products, exported to over 110 countries, help to create a safer, more resilient future for customers worldwide.

To find out more about Oteplace, visit https://www.oteplace.com/fr or contact customer service.
For more information, visit https://otegotextile.com/ or follow Otego on social networks.

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