Who are we?

GENEO is an investment company
and accompaniment, composed of
of entrepreneurs and families,
which supports SMEs and ETIs
in their development projects
long term.

Who are we?

GENEO's raison d'être

is to make available to SMEs
and ETIs invested in
the means to achieve their ambitions,
in a sustainable and positive impact approach.

reason for being

We provide invested SMEs and SMBs with the solutions to achieve their ambitions, in a sustainable and positive impact approach.

This positive finance has a long-term perspective. Its capital is human, its responsibility goes beyond corporate social responsibility to seek a positive impact, and it pays a double dividend, financial and social.


Our convictions

A collective investment

Our entrepreneurs are Builders and they can help other entrepreneurs to become Builders. Everywhere in the territories, SMEs and ETIs that are innovative in their market want to accelerate their growth to become leaders in Europe or internationally. By creating entrepreneurial capital, GENEO gives them the means to achieve their ambition.


A fair share of the value

For GENEO, equity is the condition for sustainable growth. That is why we are committed to sharing the value created by our investments.

In the companies we support, we encourage value-sharing measures among employees.
Within the GENEO management team, we have set up a profit-sharing scheme for all employees, allowing the whole team to be welded together.
In the territories, we are committed to paying one third of the performance-based remuneration (carried interest) to an endowment fund. This fund supports the philanthropic actions of members of the GENEO Community, particularly those aimed at creating jobs in the regions and long-term social projects.


Our growth levers
of growth

Making a positive impact

We defend a concrete approach to social and environmental responsibility, and offer SMEs and SMIs progress approaches adapted to their size and activity.


Our levers
for a positive impact

What positive impact
for your company?

To help you in your ambition to grow with a positive impact, we have designed a CSR self-diagnosis that allows you to identify your company's strengths and areas for progress.

Our support

We support managers in defining realistic and measurable objectives for their company. Thanks to the Carnet de Croissance, a genuine monitoring and decision-making tool set up by GENEO, each invested company benefits from close support throughout the duration of the investment.

The GENEO platform of experts is also mobilised to support the manager in the implementation of all the actions identified.

The team

Fascinated by those who do, who create and want to move the lines, the only ambition of the GENEO team is to wear each contractor's at the highest.



Born from a public-private background, Fanny is one of the specialists of SMEs and ETI in France and wants to reconcile private equity and family capitalism.



François, a project and talent developer, a complete finance professional from major banking groups, wants to give meaning to evergreen investment.

Delphine JARNIER


As an investment professional, Delphine likes to understand the challenges of companies and to support them in their development.

François PICARLE

Associate Director

As an engineer before joining the private equity industry, François likes to commit himself and to be at the service of the companies he accompanies in the execution of their development strategies.


Associate Director

An investment professional and specialist in external growth, Marc loves meaningful entrepreneurial projects and is committed to accelerating business development. 

Mathilde PAOLI


Mathilde is a financing specialist with an entrepreneurial mindset. She helps companies set up a tailor-made financial structure to carry out their development and impact transformation projects.


GENEO community

Arnaud joins GENEO to serve his investors, and to develop a true Community for the benefit of all GENEO stakeholders.

Edouard BRAUN


Sustainability and sustainable growth are the two issues that drive Edouard in the support he offers to companies invested by GENEO. Edouard is in charge of the implementation of the growth charts.



Louis joins GENEO in order to combine performance and meaning, and to be at the side of entrepreneurs in achieving their ambitions, with stamina and a positive spirit.



To put her financial expertise to work in supporting entrepreneurs, Marie chose to join GENEO, a team that values both human and financial capital.


Middle office / Office Manager

In charge of the middle office, Claire also ensures the smooth running of the GENEO team. For her, well-being at work is one of the conditions for success.


Business Partner - Positive impact

Cécile joins GENEO to support entrepreneurs in their commitment to sustainable growth and positive impact.

Its driving force: to put positive finance at the service of SMEs and SMIs.

Antoine RILEY

Support to investments

Sustainability and sustainable growth are the two issues that motivate Antoine in the support he offers to companies invested by GENEO. Antoine is in charge of the implementation of the growth booklets.

Ophélie DISS


Convinced by the alliance between private equity and impact, Ophélie joined GENEO as an investment officer to propose financing solutions tailored to the company's needs.


GENEO Capital Entrepreneur aims for sustainable growth and the highest levels of performance, for itself and for the companies in which it invests. This requires strong and sound governance.
In this perspective, GENEO has chosen to have 2 bodies to constitute it:
A General Assembly, where all the members of the Community, investors in GENEO, exercise their rights as shareholders.
A Strategic Committee that oversees the sound legal and financial management of GENEO and reports to the General Assembly

From top to bottom and from left to right, members of GENEO's Strategic Committee: Michel Lamboley (President), François Rivolier (GENEO), Frédéric Oudéa (Societe Generale), Fanny Letier (GENEO) and Claude Jottrand (Vedihold).