Who are we?

GENEO is an investment company
and accompaniment, composed of
of entrepreneurs and families,
which supports SMEs and ETIs
in their development projects
long term.

Who are we?

GENEO's raison d'être

is to make available to SMEs
and ETIs invested in
the means to achieve their ambitions,
in a sustainable and positive impact approach.

Our convictions

GENEO Capital Entrepreneur is positive finance, revealing the potential of long-term builders

Our entrepreneurs are Long-term builders and they can help other entrepreneurs to become them. Everywhere in the territories, innovative SMEs and ETIs in their markets want to accelerate their growth to become leaders in Europe or internationally. They are the drivers of job creation and value creation. It is these builders who inspired our raison d'être, which is enshrined in our articles of association: "to make positive finance available to the real economy". By creating Entrepreneur Capital, GENEO gives them the means to achieve their ambition.  

Our 4 pillars of positive finance

Our support

We support managers in defining realistic and measurable objectives for their company. Our business partners are at the side of each SME and ETI to support them throughout the duration of the investment on issues such as M&A, Positive Impact, Structuring of Liabilities or Innovation and Digital. The Growth Log, a real monitoring tool set up by GENEO, enables these positive trajectories to be monitored.

The GENEO platform of experts is also mobilised to support the manager in the implementation of all the actions identified, as well as the GENEO Community and its more than 180 families and entrepreneurs on whom they can rely.

The team

Fascinated by those who do, who create and want to move the lines, the only ambition of the GENEO team is to wear each contractor's at the highest.



Born from a public-private background, Fanny is one of the specialists of SMEs and ETI in France and wants to reconcile private equity and family capitalism.



François, a project and talent developer, a complete finance professional from major banking groups, wants to give meaning to evergreen investment.

Delphine JARNIER


As an investment professional, Delphine likes to understand the challenges of companies and to support them in their development.

François PICARLE

Associate Director

As an engineer before joining the private equity industry, François likes to commit himself and to be at the service of the companies he accompanies in the execution of their development strategies.


Associate Director

An investment professional and specialist in external growth, Marc loves meaningful entrepreneurial projects and is committed to accelerating business development. 



A corporate finance professional with extensive experience of working with SMEs and mid-cap private equity funds, Stéphanie knows how to put her initiative and commitment to work for the development of companies and entrepreneurs.

Mathilde PAOLI


Mathilde is a financing specialist with an entrepreneurial mindset. She helps companies set up a tailor-made financial structure to carry out their development and impact transformation projects.



Louis joins GENEO in order to combine performance and meaning, and to be at the side of entrepreneurs in achieving their ambitions, with stamina and a positive spirit.

Ophélie DISS


Convinced by the alliance between private equity and impact, Ophélie joined GENEO as an investment officer to propose financing solutions tailored to the company's needs.



Diane is committed to ensuring that private equity continues to support unique talent and innovative entrepreneurial policies.



To put her financial expertise to work in supporting entrepreneurs, Marie chose to join GENEO, a team that values both human and financial capital.


Development Director

Nicolas defines himself as a translator of the world of finance. Human relations are at the heart of what he does. He likes to get involved in relationships in order to understand what's at stake and propose the most appropriate solution to each situation.


Positive impact

Trained as an engineer, Yohan joined GENEO at a time when the ecological transition is gathering pace, to support the transformation towards impact of SMEs and ETIs through positive finance.

Antoine RILEY


Sustainability and sustainable growth are the two issues that motivate Antoine in the support he offers to companies invested by GENEO. Antoine is in charge of the implementation of the growth booklets.



Driven by the desire to support managers in their development projects, Arnaud joins GENEO as an investment officer to accelerate the development of growth SMEs and ETIs.

Guillaume GOMBERT

Business Partner - Digital & Innovation

A specialist in digital transformation, Guillaume joined GENEO to help our partners rethink their business models, identifying strategic opportunities and launching new products and services.


Business Partner - Positive impact

Passionate about the strategic challenges of transitioning companies towards sustainable business models, Claudia joins GENEO to support entrepreneurs in their reflections on the positive impact of their activities.


Middle office

In charge of the middle office, Claire also ensures the smooth running of the GENEO team. For her, well-being at work is one of the conditions for success.


Chief Financial Officer

As a partner to the management team, Sabine's ambition is to make a positive contribution to GENEO's growth and development.

Victorine BOYER


Victorine joined GENEO to develop and implement our internal and external communications strategy. Her role is to promote our vision of Positive Finance.

Géraldine FONTAINE

Brand and Partnership Manager

Géraldine's ambition is to promote Positive Finance, raise the profile of GENEO and its holdings, and forge fruitful partnerships.


Office Manager / Executive Assistant

Malika joined GENEO to assist management and ensure the smooth running of the offices.

Strong, transparent and demanding governance

Determined in our ambition and our commitments, we have set up three governance bodies that are also decisive in the strategic and operational implementation of the GENEO roadmap. They are complementary and represent all the stakeholders in our ecosystem:

A steering committee 

Composed of 8 qualified and independent members overseeing the strategy.

  • Fanny LETIER (Co-founder GENEO)
  • François RIVOLIER (Co-founder GENEO)
  • Didier Valet (Chairman)
  • Camille Kroely (Digital - L'Oréal)
  • Rodolphe Carle (Co-founder of Babilou)
  • Patrice Hutin (DGD Sofiouest)
  • Marie Claire Capobianco (Ex Comex BNPP)
  • Delphine Geny-Stephann (Former Secretary of State)

A mission committee  

Composed of 9 qualified members overseeing the raison d'être.

  • David Mahe (Human & Work)
  • Delphine Geny-Stephann (Former Secretary of State)
  • Valérie Baschet (Meaneo Partners)
  • Christian Nouel (Responsible Growth Foundation)
  • Pierre Menet (Caisse des Dépôts)
  • Bertrand Leclercq (Arbor&Sens)
  • Delphine Dirat (London Stock / Exchange Group)
  • Maurane Coudreau (MAIF)
  • Cécile Patoux (entrepreneur)

More about the Stakeholder Committee

A strategic committee 

Representing the shareholders and controlling the management company.

  • Michel LAMBOLEY - Chairman (Former KEOLIS manager)
  • Fanny LETIER (Co-founder GENEO)
  • Mathieu BRUNET (Societe Generale)
  • François RIVOLIER (Co-founder GENEO)
  • Pierre MENET (Caisse des Dépôts)