Societal utility is essential for long-term growth.
GENEO helps SMEs and SMBs to give even more meaning to their mission
while innovating to meet the challenges of our societies. challenges for our societies.

GENEO is positive finance

Making positive finance available to SMEs and SMIs: this is our raison d'êtreThis is our mission, which is enshrined in our statutes.

Job creation, value creation, collective benefit or decarbonisation: these are the results we can achieve together! positive impactsWe will achieve them together! They require innovation in our products, our services, our organisations and our corporate cultures. GENEO is committed to working alongside the companies involved to translate intentions into concrete achievements.

This raison d'être is organised around 4 pillars.

Our 4 pillars of positive finance

Commitment and support for SMEs and SMIs

GENEO has made 9 commitmentsaligned with those of the invested companies:

  • Building relations balanced, transparent and sustainable with our stakeholders
  • Display and promote a governance strong and useful
  • Participate in the creation ofsustainable jobs
  • Create an organisational and managerial framework that promotescommitment, well-being at work and collective performance
  • Encouraging skills development and diversity
  • Engage teams in actions that contribute to the fight against global warming
  • Apply and promote mechanisms for equitable sharing of value within GENEO and invested companies
  • Redistribute part of the value created to philanthropic actions aimed at job creation or reintegration

Going beyond CSR

Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), GENEO supports companies in their transition to a sustainable and resilient economy. To do this, we co-construct positive impact plans with the companies we invest in.

A positive impact plan is :

And you, what Positive Impact
would you like to generate with your company?

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Giving each generation the means to achieve its ambitions

Being an entrepreneur means being committed to your company and to the community! To support our commitment, we have created a GENEO endowment fund, intended to amplify the philanthropic action of the members of the GENEO Community.

What is important to us? To create jobs in the territories, to promote the professional integration of disadvantaged people, to participate in the territorial dynamics, particularly in neglected territories, and finally, to boost long-term societal innovation.

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The 4 axes of our endowment fund

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