Societal benefit is essential for long-term growth.
GENEO helps SMEs and SMBs innovate in their products, services and organisations to create a positive social, environmental and societal impact and thus give more meaning to their business projects.

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Extra-financial reports:

  • Discover the GENEO Capital's extra-financial report showing a clear progression in the sustainability maturity of our holdings, and 4 results of which we are particularly proud:

    • 100% of companies have an impact plan
    • 100% have a CSR correspondent
    • 95% have completed their Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon audits
    • 89% have undertaken decarbonization actions


  • Discover the first GENEO Mezzanine extra-financial report It shows the virtuous nature of a committed fund like GENEO Mezzanine, with the structuring, from the very first year, of sustainability issues, through the creation of a governance structure and dedicated teams, the implementation of strategic plans and strong commitments, and the measurement of their social performance.

Our commitments 

Our approach to impact

Companies must give meaning to their mission, innovate to meet societal expectations and position themselves in a more global and societal context.

Today, companies must go beyond Corporate Social Responsibility and think about its usefulness within its ecosystem and society to develop positive societal impacts.

Our support
to the invested companies

Positive impact plans

GENEO implements positive impact plans with invested companies. They are an integral part of the Carnets de Croissance and further engage companies in their social responsibility.

A positive impact plan is :

  • One or more ofthe UN Sustainable Development Goals as an ambition
  • Key actions to achieve them: product and service innovation, process innovation, organisational changes, new partnerships, corporate culture
  • Numerical indicators to measure progress
  • Human capital: GENEO business partners, experts and peers to support execution

And you, what Positive Impact
would you like to generate with your company?

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Giving each generation the means to achieve its ambitions

Being an entrepreneur means being committed to your company and to the community! To support our commitment, we have created a GENEO Community Endowment Fund.

It amplifies the action supported by the 180 GENEO families and entrepreneurs.

The 4 axes of our endowment fund

Our first action: the Production School

The GENEO Community Endowment Fund supports the Ecole de Production Automobile de Lens, which provides training in automotive maintenance.

A great opportunity for students to learn a useful trade in direct contact with customers.

The result? 100% professional re-registration and an average of 5 job offers per student.

GENEO is involved