GENEO Capital Entrepreneur acquires a stake in ACS - Assurances voyage & expatriation, to support the group's growth and the evolution of its governance.


Paris, January 29, 2024.

GENEO Capital Entrepreneur acquires a stake in ACS - Assurances voyage & expatriation, to support the group's growth and the evolution of its governance.

GENEO Capital Entrepreneur acquires a significant minority stake of €12 million in ACS, a wholesale insurance broker specializing in international mobility, to support the group's development in structuring its growth and in its managerial transition.

Founded in 1979 by Didier Da Rin, ACS is the trusted companion of travelers and expatriates worldwide, whatever the nature and duration of their stay abroad, offering a wide range of international health insurance and assistance solutions.
A major player in the French expatriate health and travel insurance industry, ACS also assists the diplomatic corps with all their insurance needs, as well as impatriates with a dedicated repatriation assistance policy.
ACS has developed an integrated broker (wholesale and direct) - manager model, enabling it to be recognized as an expert in international social protection. As a unique player, ACS is able to co-design its own insurance products with internationally renowned partners, distribute them directly or via a worldwide network of business introducers, and manage these contracts to ensure optimum quality of service. ACS has positioned itself as a specialist with expertise across the entire value chain, from product design and distribution to claims management and compensation.
With sales of 12.7 million euros in 2022, and customers in over 190 countries (55% of traffic is generated outside France), the Group aims to pursue its trajectory through a strategy of both organic and external growth, in order to diversify its offering and accelerate its international presence, targeting new markets.

To achieve this, ACS is building on its core strengths:
- A solid business model enabling the group to post high levels of profitability,
- A family-run business with experienced managers, supported by an agile, multicultural team of around fifty people with a keen sense of customer service,
- A digital and data strategy at the heart of the ACS model, whether in BtoC, BtoB or BtoBtoC,
- Solid, long-term relationships with leading risk-bearing partners.

To ensure a sustainable approach to this new phase in its development, ACS intends to continue its efforts to pass on the company's capital to the family.
Edouard Da Rin, ACS's current Managing Director.

"We are extremely enthusiastic about embarking on this new stage in ACS's development with GENEO, and we are convinced that GENEO, as an "evergreen" investment company, with its experience in the SME sector, particularly family-owned, will be the ideal partner to help us realize our many projects aimed at achieving growth that reconciles meaning and performance, thanks to its operational support and flexible approach. It was important for ACS to find a partner that would go beyond mere financial ties, who would be able to fully understand our needs and share our values. The whole ACS team welcomes GENEO! Edouard Da Rin, ACS Managing Director.

"We're both delighted to have been chosen by Didier and Edouard Da Rin, and excited to be supporting a family-run, market-leading SME in this new stage of its development.
development. As a key player in its field for over 45 years, we are fully mobilized to meet ACS's growth challenges, particularly in terms of structuring its governance and management structure.
governance and the implementation of an extremely clear external growth strategy. We are also delighted to welcome ACS to our Community of Long-Term Builders," emphasizes Marc Dupuy, Managing Partner. Marc Dupuy, Managing Partner of GENEO Capital Entrepreneur.

"This LBO represents a key step in ACS's development, and should enable the company to continue the strong growth seen over the past 15 years. The
project aroused a great deal of interest, and management had a choice between several very well-constructed projects. GENEO's teams made the difference, and we're delighted with this long-term partnership.
long-term partnership that will bring out the full potential of ACS", commented Christophe Brière and Michael Petit, Managing Partner and Managing Director of Financière de Courcelles.

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About ACS

A specialist in international mobility for over 45 years, ACS provides close support to travelers and expatriates in the 4 corners of the world, whatever the type of trip. We provide
tailored health insurance and assistance solutions, while maintaining excellent value for money, so that everyone can travel the world in complete peace of mind and security. Every year, more than 200,000 people put their trust in us across 5 continents.
At ACS, we know that health is everyone's most precious asset, so our human-sized team of passionate multicultural professionals is entirely dedicated to our policyholders. We respond with honesty and transparency, and our relationships are based on trust. We stand by our policyholders when they need us. With a love of travel and a limitless perception of the world, the ACS team shares strong values. As a wholesale broker since 1979, we know how to reinvent ourselves to meet the needs of our policyholders quickly and accurately.
our policyholders' needs beyond the beaten track. We design our insurance products in partnership with international insurance companies and renowned service providers, recognized for their know-how and expertise.
recognized for their know-how and expertise.

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About GENEO Capital Entrepreneur 

GENEO's raison d'être Capital Entrepreneur is to make available to the real economy positive finance.

Designed to unlock the value-creation, job-creation and impact-creation potential of SMEs and ETIs, GENEO Capital Entrepreneur has nearly 550 million euros at its disposal. In particular, it manages the "evergreen" investment company GENEO Capital, which has a 99-year lifespan and is majority-owned by families and entrepreneurs. GENEO provides tailor-made capital that adapts to the pace of each company, ensuring responsiveness and flexibility. Its resources increase regularly as GENEO and the companies it invests grow.
As a business partner, GENEO is mobilized to support the execution of structuring, growth and transformation projects through its teams, as well as its specialized business partners (external growth, structuring of new businesses, etc.).
partners (external growth, liability structuring, positive impact, digital and innovation). It also boasts a platform of over 140 independent experts and a Community of more than 220 families and entrepreneurs, offering a wealth of experience and a business network unrivalled in France. The terms of this operational support are tailored to the specific needs of each company, and formalized jointly by the GENEO team, the management team and the company's other shareholders in a "Carnet de croissance".
Passionate about those who make, create and want to move the lines, the GENEO team's sole ambition is to take each entrepreneur's ambition to the highest level.
At GENEOwhen we invest, we invest!

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ACS: Didier Da Rin, Edouard Da Rin
GENEO Capital Entrepreneur: Marc Dupuy, Antoine Riley
Investor advisors: Financier Newco Corporate Finance (Alexandre Gebelin, Manuel Le Guen),
Eight Advisory (Emmanuel Riou, Arthur Croiset), Legal SVZ (Pierre-Emmanuel Chevalier, Natacha
Baratier, Enora Floury), Tax SVZ (Brian Martin, Jean-Guillaume Pechdo)
Corporate Advisors: M&A Bankers Financière de Courcelles (Christophe Brière, Michael Petit,
Yanis Alaoui, Charles Delbarre), Financial ODERIS (Julien Passerat, Antoine Chanut), Legal :
Valther (Idris Hebat , Thibault Germain, Marie Kanellopoulos, Patrick Hannan), Corporate Tax
KPMG Avocats (Pascale Farey Da Rin, Arnaud Moraine, Armelle Courtois-Finaz), Taxation
Patrimoniale Arkwood (Stéphanie Auféril, Xavier Guérin). Banks: Caisse d'Epargne Ile-de-France
(Cédric Alin, Paul Morigny, Steven Neveu); BNP Paribas (Benoît Monteil, Amine Achour, Delphine
Louvet), Société Générale (Delphine Kaptan, Hakim Kadi, Arno Pingray).

For GENEO Capital Entrepreneur :
Agence Verbatee :
Cyrille Lachèvre 06 20 42 12 08 -
Barbara Baudier 06 68 53 28 49 -

For ACS:
Sarah Belli, Marketing & Partnerships Manager - +33 (0) 1 84 25 10 79 -

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