GENEO commits itself by setting up its stakeholder committee



To demonstrate the value value to its stakeholders, GENEO Partners organises their consultation and provides itself with d'a committee ofs stakeholder committee. Its main task is to make recommendations on the implementation of GENEO's raison d'être s raison d'être and to give advice on the main indicators measuring its impact.

GENEO's raison d'être, as set out in its statutes

GENEO Partenaires' raison d'être is to make available to the real economypositive finance. Positive finance is based on four pillars:

- Finance that masters timecapable of overcoming economic cycles and adapting to the natural cycle of each company ;
- Finance that promotes the growth of human capital as the main lever for value creation and sustainability of companies ;
- Finance that supports forward-looking companies to increase their positive impact ;
- Finance that shares value to reconcile performance and meaning.


Uvoluntary and central governance body and central

The GENEO Stakeholder Committee a for vocation to create ae forum of regular dialogue with the actors who participate in its socio-economic life. GENEO undertakes to listening to them and exchange in a transversal and transparent manner and transparent exchange on the means and objectives related to its raison d'être.

This advisory committee is the result of a voluntary and innovative approach. It occupies a central place within the governanceby taking a position on the operational implementation of GENEO's raison d'être. Its scope concerns the investment company as well as the various financial vehicles deployed by GENEO.

Ses various missions have been clearly defined since its launch: to accompany the continuous progress approach to the implementation of the commitments made by GENEO, to provide methodological support, to contribute to the societal transitions of the companies in the portfolio, to give an opinion on the action of the fons to the GENEO Community Endowment Fund and anticipate societal trends and emerging solutions.

A work programme in support of Geneo's impact strategy

The Stakeholder Committee brings together a variety of complementary profiles whose expertise and expertise and the ability to question constitute a real asset for GENEO. They come frominvestors, dcompanies portfolio, demployees, dinvestment partners, the think tanks and associations working on issues related to the business and/or theand/or the raison d'être of GENEO, or dbeneficiaries of the fons of the GENEO Community Endowment Fund.

The committee will report in a few weeks a opinion in advance of the General Meeting of of investors which will be held in May. It will progressively address the main key issues for Geneo Partenaires' positive impact strategy, in particular the methodology for individual and collective of CSR and impact approaches and impact approaches of invested SMEs and SMIsthe measurement and the choice of relevant indicatorsand the first results obtained.

Find out more about the committee's missions and its charter by clicking here

Fanny LETIER and François RIVOLIERand François RIVOLIER, co-founders of theeurs of GENEO declarent : " GENEO's raison d'être is to make positive finance available to SMEs and SMIs. We striveWe strive, on a daily basis to to implement it concretelythrough an original team organisation, combining private equity and consulting, an adapted legal and financial structure (vehicle evergreenvehicle, incentives for impact), but also a method and but also a method ands We also have a unique method and support tools such as the Growth Notebooks and Positive Impact plans. Setting up a stakeholder committee will allow us to maintain this approach over time. to maintain this results-oriented approach over time. results and to continuously adapt to the changing expectations of our stakeholders.

Delphine Gény-Stephann, Chair of the Stakeholder Committee, said A raison d'être is not measured in words, but in deedses. We were keen to launch the committee to launch the committee at the beginning of the year to support the Geneo team in its very rapid development. We have established its role, its missions and and its mode of operation.t, but also the first avenues of work ! The members of the committeeI would like to thank the members of the committee for their high-quality contributions, are enthusiastic about the idea of being able, through their involvement, to accelerate the deployment and impact of positive finance "

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