GENEO is recruiting a Positive Impact Officer

Founded in 2019 by Fanny LETIER and François RIVOLIER, GENEO is an investment and support company, composed of entrepreneurs and families, which supports SMEs and SMIs in their long-term development projects.

Our raison d'être is to make positive finance available to the real economy. We are convinced that social utility is essential for long-term growth. GENEO helps SMEs and SMIs to give even more meaning to their mission while innovating to meet the challenges facing our societies.

With 14 companies already invested, the GENEO team continues to accelerate its development and strengthens its support team dedicated to positive impact.

Main tasks:

As a Positive Impact Officer, you will work directly with GENEO's Positive Impact Business Partner and the investment teams. Your main tasks will be :

1.Supporting invested companies:

Co-construct and monitor the transition plans of the invested companies and provide operational support to the management teams in their various projects

-Managing the collection and reporting of ESG data from companies

-Contribute to the development of our tools and methods with a view to continuous improvement

-Develop thematic training courses for the GENEO community

2.Reviewing investment cases:

-Analyse target companies prior to investment on CSR and Impact aspects

-Contribute to the evolution of our methodologies in a logic of continuous improvement and according to best practices

3.Leading GENEO's impact strategy

-Produce the annual impact report and the extra-financial reports of the management company and the investment vehicles

-Monitor new regulations and their impact on our practices

-Contribute to the implementation of GENEO's CSR action plan

-Contribute to the active monitoring of new trends, methodologies and peer practices

Profile required

-Be passionate about the challenges of sustainable development as applied to SMEs and SMIs

-Be motivated to support the management teams of SMEs in their environmental and societal transition on a daily basis

-Have a first successful experience (minimum 2 to 3 years) in strategy or sustainable development consulting, or in another management company for the same functions


-Strong analytical skills and ability to adapt to different business models and development strategies in various sectors

-Mastery of sustainable finance and corporate sustainability frameworks

-Oral and written communication skills in French and English

-Excellent command of Powerpoint, Excel and Word

Know how

-Ability to adapt and evolve

Curiosity and open-mindedness

-Highly rigorous and reliable

-Team spirit and proactivity

-Autonomy and pragmatism

-Sharing one's beliefs with enthusiasm

Further information

-Permanent position based in Paris

-As soon as possible

-Salary depending on experience

To apply Please send your letter of application and CV to the attention of Mrs. Cécile Patoux. Cécile Patoux TO THE ATTENTION OF :


GENEO Partenaires' raison d'être is to make positive finance available to the real economy. Its teams invest in and support growth SMEs and SMIs with equity and quasi-equity capital.

An independent management company founded and owned by its current team, it manages GENEO Capital Entrepreneur, a long-term investment company with €285 million. It also co-manages, with Turenne Capital, a €220 million stimulus bond package.

Passionate about those who make, create and want to move the lines, the only ambition of the GENEO team is to bring the ambition of each entrepreneur to the top.

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