"To provide invested SMEs and SMIs with the means to achieve their ambitions, in a sustainable and positive impact approach.


GENEO capital entrepreneur is celebrating its first year of existence. Its management company, GENEO partenaires, has adopted a mission statement: "To provide the real economy with sustainable finance with a positive impact".

This positive finance is :

  • long-term finance, capable of overcoming economic cycles and adapting to the natural cycle of each company
  • A finance that relies on the increase of human capital as the main lever for the creation of value and the sustainability of companies and their growth. A finance that relies on the experience, desire and commitment of all generations of entrepreneurs to accelerate, in a powerful collective.
  • finance that goes beyond the constrained approach of corporate social responsibility to seek positive impact, meet societal expectations, transform companies and their ecosystems, organisations and territories
  • finance that pays a double dividend, financial and societal, and that relies on the mechanisms of value to maximise the commitment of all stakeholders, and to reconcile - for all - performance and meaning.

With GENEO Capital Entrepreneur, this begins with the treasure of the economy: these growth SMEs/ETIs which, everywhere in the territories where they are based, embody the future and drive job creation.
GENEO Capital Entrepreneur offers them a new form of investment capital, deployed by a long-term company, reconciling performance and meaning. It does everything in its power to help the managers of invested companies to design and execute their development strategy by strengthening their human capital and by providing them with a "Growth Book" which is the cornerstone of GENEO-style investment. To this end, it mobilises entrepreneurs who are members of the GENEO Community and a panel of experts. In this way, GENEO aims to achieve results that are superior to the market in terms of value creation and jobs in the companies invested. To give meaning to the investment, GENEO also ensures that the value created is shared equitably and pays out a significant fraction of the team's "carried interest" (C shares) to support philanthropic actions aimed at creating jobs, particularly in the regions.

How we accelerate your growth?