GENEO Capital Entrepreneur welcomes the merger between Leader Group and Zelup


Paris, 02/03/2023

GENEO Capital Entrepreneur welcomes the merger between Leader Group and Zelup

Leader Group, which has been supported for 18 months by GENEO Capital Entrepreneur, today announced its merger with Zelup. This major strategic transaction will enable them to strengthen their core business - firefighting - and accelerate their growth.

Founded in 1985 in Le Havre, Leader Group, directed by Miguel Ferreira, is a major international player in fire fighting and rescue equipment. The group designs, produces and provides professionals with highly technical fire and rescue equipment to protect and rescue people and property.

Based in Lyon, Zelup is a young innovative company, founded and directed by Thomas Issler, whose core business is to develop technological innovations to optimize the intervention of firefighters and improve their safety. Since 2017, Zelup has notably developed a unique and patented technology in collaboration with the Paris Fire Brigade (BSPP): the hydropneumatic fragmentation two-phase fire hose.

This disruptive system meets the real needs of firefighters in the field: it maximizes the extinguishing capacity compared to a traditional hose and increases the protection of users in operation, while significantly reducing water consumption during the extinguishing of fires with water savings of nearly 70%.

This strategic combination strengthens Leader Group's product portfolio and positions it as a leader in CSR innovation. In addition, Thomas Issler, the founder of Zelup, and his team are joining Leader Group, providing an additional source of innovation to the Group's existing capabilities. At the same time, Zelup integrates an industrial group and acquires international production and commercial resources for the development of its products.

This merger is in line with the roadmap initiated by GENEO Capital Entrepreneur since the beginning of its collaboration with the Leader Group's management and teams, which aims to give them the means to strengthen their position in positive impact innovation.

"As soon as Thomas and I met, we discussed our common goals. We quickly realized that this merger, in line with our common challenges, objectives and values, was an obvious choice. To complete this operation, we quickly got into action with our partner GENEO, who led the operation with a master's degree of expertise, and with our lawyers, so that this deal would be completed on time and be a success. I would like to thank again all the teams who worked on this project ", says Miguel Ferreira, CEO of Leader Group.

" I am very pleased to join Leader, a structured group that will support the strong development prospects of our two-phase system in France and internationally. This merger was conducted in a pragmatic, quick and efficient way" adds Thomas Issler, founder of Zelup.

"We are very pleased to have supported Leader in its merger with Zelup, which strengthens the group's innovative offering to firefighters and emergency services," said Marc Dupuy, Managing Partner at GENEO Capital Entrepreneur. Marc Dupuy, Managing Partner at GENEO Capital Entrepreneur.

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