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Paris, November 15, 2021 - French leader in childcare services, the Kinougarde group now benefits from the financial and strategic support of GENEO Capital Entrepreneur and RAISE Investissement to accelerate its growth.

Specialising in children's services, the group is built around two recognised brands: Kinougarde and Complétude. In just a few years, Kinougarde has become the French leader in home-based childcare, including school and nursery outings and support for extracurricular activities. Complétude is the second largest provider of tutoring services in France, offering private, group and online lessons. Through these two activities, the group supports 35,000 families in France.

New projects to be funded

The group offers its services throughout France via a network of some thirty agencies and the support of two internal call centres coordinating the action of 16,200 Kinougarde childcare providers and 9,200 teaching assistants for Complétude. This hybrid organisation, supported by a proprietary and disruptive technological tool, allows the group to ensure the proximity and responsiveness necessary for a quality service to families as well as the selection of the best caregivers.

The group is growing rapidly and has a turnover of around 75 million euros. For the future, the group's ambition is to strengthen its leading position in the field of childcare services and to develop in new market segments such as home care. By relying on the same key success factors and building on its quality of service, the group hopes to become a major player in the personal services sector.

GENEO Capital Entrepreneur and RAISE and new executives join the capital

To support its development, Hervé Lecat, the founding president, decided to open the capital to two reference shareholders: GENEO Capital Entrepreneur and RAISE Investissement as well as to all the 54 group executives. Hervé Lecat remains the majority shareholder following this reconfiguration of the capital.

"Since the creation of Complétude and then Kinougarde, we have been committed to supporting families on a daily basis by offering them a quality service," explains Hervé Lecat. "This demand for quality, which is at the heart of our DNA, also applies to other areas of personal services. To develop in these new segments, we are very happy to have found two partners, RAISE and GENEO, who share the same values as us, combining concern for family satisfaction, quality of execution and benevolence towards our teams.

Aymeric Marraud des Grottes, Partner at RAISE Investment We very much appreciated the tech-enabled approach of this traditional business, which allows the teams to focus on customer satisfaction and which constitutes a real lever for developing other offers in the personal services sector.

"Our ambition is to support SMEs and SMIs that promote sustainable growth and positive impact projects," said François Picarle, Managing Partner at GENEO Capital Entrepreneur. "Beyond its operational excellence,we were also attracted by the strong societal contribution of the Kinougarde group, which contributes to the development of children and to a better reconciliation of parents' professional and family lives".

Key Stakeholders :

Investors :

  • GENEO Capital Entrepreneur (François Picarle, Louis Charrier)
  • RAISE Investissement (Aymeric Marraud des Grottes, Alexandra Dupont, Gabriel Nectoux, Charles-Henri Fraissignes)

Investor advice :

  • Mayer Brown (Olivier Aubouin, Patrick Loiseau, Abdallah Ktiri)
  • Digital Value (Arnaud de Baynast, Romain Bury)
  • Oderis (Thomas Claverie, Joris Griffond)
  • Mazars (Jérôme Gertler, Claire Davaine-Marciniak)
  • Katalyse (Jean François Lécole, Martin Orsini)
  • Sirsa (Yannick Grandjean, Margot Varache)
  • Stratos (Loic Moisand)

Management advice :

  • Clearwater (Benjamin Zayat, Agnès Flores, Lucas Genot)
  • DLA Piper (Xavier Norlain, Julia Elkael, Vanessa Hamiane, Maud Manon, Pierre Tardivo)
  • Indefi (Julien Berger, Mehdi Belefqih, Adam Laissaoui)
  • Alvarez & Marsal (Frédéric Steiner, Olivia Moon)

About the Kinougarde Group

The Kinougarde group was founded in 1984 by Hervé Lecatand Gilles Martin, by organising courses in small groups during school holidays, under the brand names "Objectif Bac" and then "Objectif Math". The company changed its name to "Complétude" in 2000 and now offers private lessons and home tutoring as well as small group courses by video or in course centres. Our aim is to help children and teenagers progress, gain confidence and regain a taste for a subject.

Kinougarde was created in 2010 and offers a childcare service at home after school or nursery, on Wednesdays and during the school holidays. Our mission is to offer a quality service to simplify the life of parents by ensuring the safety and well-being of their children. The service is aimed at families with children aged between 0 and 11 years.

Kinougarde is the employer of its childcare workers, who are selected after being tested on their reflexes in terms of safety, health and hygiene of the child. Their motivation and their ability to give children a playful moment during the daycare are evaluated during the recruitment interview.

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About RAISE Investissement

RAISE Investment is a private equity company developed within the RAISE group, founded by Clara Gaymard and Gonzague de Blignières. With an endowment of 500M€the fund supports growing and high-potential French small and medium-sized companies with a turnover of between 30 and €500M by taking stakes of between 10 and €50M to support their development. The RAISE group is organised around three areas of activity: investment companies in companies of all sizes and in all sectors, innovation centres and a foundation dedicated to start-ups. The RAISE group is based on a financing mechanism that combines profitability and generosity, since the investment teams (RAISE Investissement, RAISE REIM, RAISE Ventures, RAISE Impact and RAISE LAB) donate 50% of their profit-sharing to finance an internal endowment fund, RAISESHERPAS, dedicated to supporting start-ups. This pioneering scheme in France allows the creation of a virtuous ecosystem, combining large groups and institutional shareholders, ETIs and startups.

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About GENEO Capital Entrepreneur

GENEO Capital Entrepreneur's raison d'être is to give SMEs and SMIs the means to achieve their ambitions, in a sustainable and positive impact approach.

Evergreen" investment company, with a life span of 99 years, GENEO Capital Entrepreneur provides tailor-made capital, which adapts to the rhythm of each company and brings reactivity and flexibility. The capital of GENEO Capital Entrepreneur is mainly held by families and entrepreneurs who have brought its resources to nearly 300M€. These resources increase regularly as the GENEO Capital Entrepreneur and the companies invested.

Business partner, GENEO Capital Entrepreneur GENEO is mobilised at your side to provide support for the execution of your structuring, growth and transformation projects. The terms of this operational support are adapted to the specific needs of each company and formalised jointly by the GENEO team, the management team and the company's other shareholders in a "Growth Roadmap". This roadmap allows us to mobilise, in a timely manner, our teams, including our specialised business partners (external growth, positive impact, digital and innovation), employees of the management company, as well as our platform of over 140 independent independent experts and our Community of 140 families and entrepreneurscommunity, which offers an unprecedented sharing of experiences and business networks in France.

Finally, to give each generation the means to achieve its ambitions, GENEO Capital Entrepreneur allocates a significant part of the team's carried interest to an endowment fund that supports job creation in disadvantaged areas and the reintegration of disadvantaged people into employment.

Passionate about those who make, create and want to move the lines, the team's sole ambition GENEO Capital Entrepreneur is to take each entrepreneur's ambition to the highest level.

At GENEO, when we invest, we invest!

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RAISE: Charlotte Doyen Tel: 06 74 79 18 46

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