Manifesto - Human Impact Index

Manifesto - Human Impact Index


Convinced that great entrepreneurial and human adventures are based on the women and men who make up the company, GENEO Capital Entrepreneur, Harmonie Mutuelle and Human and Work are launching the Human Impact Index.

As a true social issue, our relationship with work and the meaning it brings is in perpetual questioning. The Covid crisis has thus been, for many workers, the occasion of an introspection which has given rise to phenomena of great magnitude: "great resignation", "conscious resignation" or even "silent resignation".

At the same time, the human dimension of the company has become the poor relation of extra-financial reporting in the last few years, just like a social taxonomy that is still pending at the European Union level.

However, people are the real treasure of any company: encounters, the taste for challenge, intellectual emulation, personal and collective commitment, but also more generally the expression of meaningful strategies for employees and stakeholders of the company, are all vital elements for the creation of value and positive impact plans.

Well-being at work is a performance factor for employing structures and our health system. Understanding the social underpinnings of a company and acting to improve the human aspect is therefore more fundamental than ever.

This is why GENEO Capital Entrepreneur, Harmonie Mutuelle and Human and Work are today launching the Human Impact Index, a real social compass that will enable SMEs and SMIs to adopt a synthetic vision of their social and human impact and the possible ways to improve it.

This index is structured around 6 strategic themes:
- Employment
- Governance
- Health in the workplace
- Diversity
- Value sharing
- Commitment

This index is a real tool for entrepreneurs and is intended to be simple and easy to deploy. It should not only allow for a better understanding of the weak signals sent by employees, but also for the deployment of positive impact policies based on an ongoing review of best practices from companies of comparable size.

We are committed to facilitating the sharing of best practices and to offering expert advice to all the companies we support in order to establish an operational roadmap for the well-being of employees and the creation of value for all.

For this launch year, the 22 companies invested by GENEO Capital Entrepreneur, 10 companies supported by Harmonie Mutuelle and 10 companies supported by Human and Work are embarking on this process. The results will be consolidated and analyzed once a year.

To all those who wish to promote the human factor at work, we suggest you join this initiative: the Human Impact Index is at your disposal; let's make it available to as many companies as possible!

If you are interested, please contact Claudia Kientzler, our Positive Impact Business Partner:

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