OTEGO, the world leader in technical textiles, has set its sights on 2021.

One year after the investment of GENEO Capital Entrepreneur, Dickson PTL, now OTEGO, has completed its independence.

In early 2020, the Dickson-PTL company left the Glen Raven / Dickson group to become OTEGO. The manager Thierry MOSA and his team then joined forces with GENEO, Eximium and Bpifrance in order to pursue the company's policy of excellence, innovation and service while accelerating the development of the business, particularly internationally (link to the historical CP).

OTEGO, based in Dagneux near Lyon, is the world leader in its markets for technical textiles for the rubber industry, heat protection and machine equipment. While 100% of its production is made in France, OTEGO achieves 90% of its turnover from exports (of which 50% outside Europe) (complete press kit here).

One year later, the release of the American group ("carve out") is totally completed. Buoyed by its new independence, the company's focus in 2021 was on international development and both organic and external growth.

OTEGO: a French nugget, a "glocal" leader

In more than 70 years of existence, OTEGO has built a solid reputation worldwide. A responsible company with recognized expertise, OTEGO has the trust of more than 3,000 customers on 5 continents and in 110 countries. In addition to the teams based in Dagneux, the company also has offices in Philadelphia (USA), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Pune (India), Taipei (Taiwan) and Shanghai (China).

For Thierry Mosa, President of OTEGO, " the company's mission is to improve the protection of men and machines in all the sectors in which we operate". Based on a perfect knowledge of its markets but also of the needs and specificities of its customers, OTEGO is able to provide the appropriate solutions. "Beyond our expertise and unique know-how in the design and production of technical textiles, our teams have a rare knowledge and understanding of the challenges facing our partners," insists Thierry Mosa. "We help our customers to innovate and perfect their processes".

OTEGO, a responsible company

Beyond its strong ambitions for development in 2021, OTEGO is committed to supporting its customers in their value creation. As the company's Chairman explains, "while our solutions are based on our excellent knowledge and understanding of our markets, they are also the result of continuous exchanges with our customers and are as many answers to their specific problems". Problems linked to the customer's sector of activity - the tyre industry, aeronautics or machine tools for example - or due to the particularities of the market in which it operates.

But whatever the field, OTEGO also strives to create value responsibly. In this respect, the company, which is a signatory of the Global Charter "Responsible Care" and has joined the United Nations Global Compact, has made strong commitments to sustainable development, notably by supporting its customers in a process aimed at reducing energy consumption and limiting waste, but also by committing to limiting its own environmental impacts. OTEGO has just obtained the "Ecovadis Sustainability Rating Gold" label and is increasing the number of decarbonated projects.

About OTEGO :

Founded in 1948, OTEGO is a world leader in technical textiles in highly specialized markets: Rubber Industry, Heat Protection Fabrics and Machine Equipment. At the beginning of 2020, supported by GENEO, Eximium and Bpifrance, the company left the Glen Raven / Dickson group to become independent again. Based in Dagneux, near Lyon, France, OTEGO employs 80 people. While 100% of its production is 100% made in France, 90% of its sales are generated through exports - half of which are outside Europe - to more than 3,000 customers in 110 countries. OTEGO has offices in Philadelphia (USA), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Pune (India), Taipei (Taiwan) and Shanghai (China).

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Please find below the OTEGO press kit.

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