50 families and entrepreneurs combine to create GENEO capital entrepreneur

A new form of private equity for SMEs and TWAs.

What is GENEO?

GENEO is an investment and support company, which supports French and Benelux SMEs and ETIs in their development capital projects and family or managerial transfers.

It is aimed at companies owned mainly by managers and/or their families, who wish to give themselves the means to achieve their ambitions. It takes minority stakes in the capital of companies with a minimum turnover of €10 million and an operating profit of at least €1 million. It can invest between €1 million and €15 million per company, in the form of shares or quasi-equity instruments.

GENEO capitalises on the experience of Fanny LETIER and François RIVOLIER (biographies below) and on the support of 50 entrepreneurs or family offices and Société Générale, convinced of the value of "entrepreneurial capital". Its capital is already endowed with €100M. Fundraising will continue until the end of 2019 to expand the GENEO Community.

GENEO Capital Entrepreneur is managed by the management company G4 Partners, approved by the Autorité des Marchés

The triple innovation GENEO

With GENEO, companies control time and can implement long-term strategies. GENEO is not a fund, but an investment company that offers tailor-made capital capable of adapting to the pace of each company.

At GENEO, we play together! The GENEO Community of 50 entrepreneurs and families, investors in GENEO, allows the sharing of experience and business networks.

GENEO is also human capital. 45 specialized experts are ready to support business leaders in their issues of growth, performance, transformation and corporate governance.

A "Growth Booklet". At GENEO, when you invest, you invest! GENEO helps companies to organize themselves to accelerate and make the execution of their business plans more reliable, and to strengthen their agility and performance in order to achieve sustainable growth. Each company benefits from a personalised support programme, co-constructed with the manager, which takes the form of a Growth Booklet.

A strong social commitment

Social and environmental responsibility is a factor of performance. But its implementation is not easy in SMEs. The invested companies will benefit from the support of GENEO and its experts to implement operational progress plans on their environmental, energy, social and corporate governance issues. Results will be measured and monitored.

A "societal dividend". Each member of the GENEO team will give part of his remuneration (1/3 of the carried interest) to support forms of entrepreneurship insufficiently financed by the market: entrepreneurship in difficult neighbourhoods or in rural areas, very long-term innovation, and female entrepreneurship in particular. In this perspective, GENEO will contribute, through an endowment fund, to the philanthropic actions of the families and partner entrepreneurs, who are already very active on these subjects and who will thus benefit from a "double dividend".

Our purpose

"Europe is full of entrepreneur-Builders, who have made or want to build great entrepreneurial histories, groups that will cross generations. They are Europe's past, present and future. They are our pride and joy.

GENEO is their Community.

Builders can help other entrepreneurs to become so. Throughout the territories, innovative and well positioned SMEs / ETIs can accelerate their growth and become European or international leaders.

By creating entrepreneurial capital, GENEO gives them the means to achieve their ambitions. »

Fanny LETIER and François RIVOLIER

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